HHL Technical Solutions (HHLTS) is a solution-based project management and security intelligence company. From small non-profit organizations to large defense contractors, the veteran-owned HHLTS provides intelligent and effective solutions to our clients.

Solutions provided by HHLTS are “technical” because they are based on sound and diverse subject-matter principles, real-world experience, and mitigation/resolution of the known risks…Not because HHLTS operates as a “technology must be the only and best solution” company. For us, a technical solution equals an intelligent solution and an intelligent solution equals an effective and implementable solution.

Our Philosophy

Maintain a strong partnership with our customer.
Focus upon the right solutions for today and tomorrow.
Bring the best value and exceptional service for our customer.
Maintain a small but multi-disciplined and multi-platform experienced team.
Provide intelligent solutions and the missing piece to our customer's unsolved puzzle.