”Every community should understand the risks it faces. By understanding its risks, a community can make smart decisions about how to manage risk, including developing needed capabilities"…Department of Homeland Security Comprehensive Protection Guide (CPD 201)

Communities include businesses, neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states.

At HHL Technical Solutions (HHLTS), we search for threats and hazards to communities on a daily basis and, if requested, we analyze the communities’ vulnerabilities and risks based upon a 30-day window at the clients’ desired location(s). This level of security intelligence requires the effective application of human and electronic tools for our clients. Our security intelligence team is comprised of personnel with law enforcement, psychology, military, and information gathering backgrounds. Utilizing the team’s skills to interface with businesses, citizens, and law enforcement and government entities and apply our electronic tools, we strive to provide a comprehensive level of situation awareness to our clients. We have partnered with Idealsoft Inc. and gTHIRA Systems LLC to utilize their automated information-gathering software tool called geocentric Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (gTHIRA). gTHIRA provides an ability to analyze threats and hazards in a geographic location using publicly available information. As a result, HHLTS is able to quickly identify potential threats and hazards in a geographic area which enables faster and more efficient assessment of associated area vulnerabilities and risks.